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Steve Foster, Owner

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The Machines

Beam Saw

The computerized beam saw, Sigma 90, set up to cut the ends, shelving, and backs of our cabinets. This machine is very consistent since it computerized and therefore will eliminate flaws in the cutting process.

Clamping Machine

The Taylor Clamping Machine glues the center parts of our raised panels and the raised center part of our doors.

Edge Binder

The Brandt Optimat KD 55 edge bander puts the tape on the front of the shelves and also on our drawers.

LOBO Sander

The LOBO (36 Inch Sander) is the first sander the wood sees. It has three heads and the wood is sent through four times each with belts of different grit.

Orbital Sander

Orbital sander Time Saver Series 2300 is the finish sander and the last machine our cabinets see. Everything goes through twice before staining. It has three heads.

Rip Saw

This rip saw is used to cut the wood for framing and door parts. Machine type is Diehl SL 55 and is very precise.


Five Shapers - each one set up to do a specific job to make the five piece doors. There is no moving to make our cabinets more consistent and fit in your home much nicer.